HDR to see miami in future

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What will miami look like in the future
CarlosX says that he saw a giant tsunami hit the coast like a sledge hammer. It destroyed all the hotels on the beach and went inland for miles. Florida has most its surface elevation under ten feet. This allows the tidal wave to smash structures far inland.

Personally, it would be great if people left the coastlines and went inland - less trouble from future hurricanes and storm surge. Other people are seeing a giant tidal wave or tsunami hitting Florida.

Times will be troubled so we should stay awake.



Using methods as diverse as coordinate remote viewing and an HDR assisted astral time travel it is possible to view some future events. Although we cannot be 100% sure of information we obtain, we know that many of my predictions have already come true.

The possibility of a giant tidal wave or tsunami hitting the coast of Florida causes a chill to go up my spine. The problem is that Florida is flat and made of coral. People have no mountains to escape to. In fact, the giant wave would wash over the barrier islands and come crashing down on hotels.

It would sweep away entire cities making the asian tsunami that hit in December 26,  2004 seem small. That one killed nearly a quarter of a million people.

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