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Predictions for Next Few Years

Using Steven Gibbs HDR and astral time travel I have seen the near future.

Our current situation with politicians getting "donations" from powerful executives will not last. After WWIII governments will not exist.

A friend from Canada who has an HDR told me that all the cities were destroyed in 2013. Nothing was left of our corrupt world except decaying buildings - all those office towers gone.

We have to be able to see what is coming. It is like the world we are living in will soon not exist. It is replaced by subsistance argriculture and trading posts. We return to the primitive.

Gone are the high powered executives making 200 million a year and flying fancy jets. Those days seem like a dream. The world after the war is very quiet. There are very few people that make it. The scary skeletons of skyscrapers are all that remains of our present power structure.

In these days of faceless corporations and megamalls with big box stores, we find it hard to imagine a return to the small mom & pop shop. A world without executives who are always downsizing and outsourcing.

A world without parasites that produce nothing, but consume a lot. A place where hard work is rewarded - the world of the future.

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