UFO Rescue

A few years ago I saw the comic book "UFO Rescue" I was able to get the creator to give me his JPGs he no longer does comic books, but it was a good book. It is about a group of aliens that come to earth in UFOs after humans have a terrible war. The aliens want to rescue people from destruction for the same reason that you raise a bird that falls out of its nest. Much of the comic book follows the same theme of rebirth that I have seen using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR


The first five pages are clickable. Enjoy.

P1 - Earth Destroyed
P2 - Aliens Arrive
P3 - Tell Humans to Evacuate
P4 - Load People on UFOs
P5 - Bring  People to Alien Home
Page 1 - WAR
Page 2- Arrival
Page 3 - Exit
Page 4 - Lost
Page 5 - Home