Bosch versus Dragnet comparison

List of many differences




Dark, gritty, and grim

Hated by boss

Realizes that life is just a lost cause.

Problems with police partner.

Has a lot of money.

Plays by his own rules.

Many minorities and women.

Realistic and sunny

Loved by boss

Tries to help teens or young persons.

Gets along great with partner.

Makes very little money.

By the book.

Few minorities or women.

TV series
Harry Bosch and Joe Friday are both LA cops. However, these shows are quite different - like night and day even.

USA versus russia
60's had a bipolar world of USA versus russia. Friday saw himself on the side of justice, but we still have problems with russia even now. 

Police department is shown as full of rules and regs. There is a lot of paper work and little fun as the daily struggle wears you away. I just love the Bosch comparison. Frankly, the more things change the more they remain same.

Both cops work in homicide and could be called cynics.

What is my line
Harry Bosch is a joker and Joe Friday a straight man. However, both are big man on campus.

Streaming services
OK so, as far as our cosmos is a concern.... Dragnet on Netflix is our king and Bosch on amazon is our queen.

Netflix is also king of online movies. Hey, we are so sorry amazon. Maybe things are better on an Alternate Time Line.

cop car

Police squad is  competent in both TV series. People are very poor.

LA is shown as having a strong influence from asia. Tokyo is always important to us.

ice age
LA feels more cold than a snowy miami. However, it is not so cold that the oceans freeze over.

For some reason, both show sunny LA as sunny... There is no war. Both Harry and Joe were in a war.

Cool World
Criminals think they are cool, the opposite of square cops. Joe Friday is a super square.

Bosch feels like a FRIGHT mare. Joe Friday wants to leave north america. Both want to resign.

american prime
Both are TV cops. They constantly fight gangs. Also, they use their gun. Hard to generate revenue.

Spring has come

Hey we do enjoy Bosch versus drag net comparison. Well, they are similar TV movies. Dragnet was a 60's show and Bosch is now. Oh wait, it is on amazon. I view this making use of the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)

There are many more. Actually, these are just a few of what we have now seen.

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