Cell sensor has a loud audio signal with adjustable volume control.

Red flashing light alerts you to presence of an EMF anomaly.

The EMF meter is made using high impact plastic rugged durable material.

Unlike most EMF detectors, the CellSensor has a remote probe with 3 feet of cord for ease in measuring magnetic anomalies.

This EMF detector has two scales (HI & LO)
High 0 - 5 MilliGauss
Low 0 - 50 MilliGauss

CellSensor an EMF Detector
EMF Detector

Cell Sensor is used by Ghost Hunters

It appears that we can detect an anomalous zone of electromagnetic energy near a disembodied spirit. Perhaps the "vibrations" detected by psychics have an actual physical cause. I use an HDR EMF Detector gaussmeter.

EMF Cell Sensor Gaussmeter Specifications/Technical Details:

Cell Sensor EMF Gaussmeter has 2 EMF & ELF scales: (0-5 milligauss & 0-50 milligauss)

Detection of EMF & ELF is Centered around 50 Hz to 60 Hz; ranges from 20 Hz to 1,000 Hz

Cell Sensor EMF Gaussmeter contains 2 RF scales: 0-1 mW/cm2 & 0-10 mW/cm2

Cell Sensor RF Detection is highest at 835 Mhz

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