Debunker recovery

There is no recession according to debunkers.

According to debunkers - everything is fine and if you listen to Glen Beck you are a nut case. They claim that prosperity is just around the corner. However, facts are hard to ignore. Housing is at a 15 year low and unemployment at a 26 year high, but they claim we are in a recovery.

Basically, what we need is for people to wake up. Politicians keep on singing the same song. However, the debunker recovery is not real and you need to see what is going on.

OK, so you do not need Steven Gibbs HDR to see what is coming.

This is going to get ugly soon. Please do not fall for the debunker recovery. Ron Paul says we are going into an inflationary depression, not a recession. That means a massive drop in the value of the dollar for all of us. Friends, now is the time to prepare.

Hey, what are you waiting for anyway?

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