Children of the Future

What will future children be like? They say that children are our future, but how will they act? When will they emerge?

Future Children

Some people believe that indigo children are the future. These telepathic kids are more developed than regular children. They have special abilities and are more in tune with their psychic nature.

From what I have seen of the future, using astral time travel, all the children were thin to the point of anorexia and pale to the point of pallor.

Most of the ones I saw were cheerful and content. Think of the future children as a new creation. They will help create the bold new architecture of tomorrow in the days that lie ahead.

Most people in the future will be good looking and athletic. The children of the far tomorrow will be smarter and more creative than the people now.

John Titor talked about people in the future having trouble bearing children in the future. A movie called "The Children of Men" is about a future without children. What a sad gloomy future it was. There will be bold new world soon.

I think that they will happy to live in their world.

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