Future Executives

Up high in the sky in those crystal towers the future executives make their plants to downsize, outsource, and offshore our industry. They have hollowed out the very heart of America with their talk of globalization. We are left bare.

All that is left are the office jobs in the tall towers and soon those will also be sent overseas - to bottom wage third world countries where taxes are low and life is cheap. I predict that many corporations will relocate their headquarters outside of the United States and Canada.


We are the Modern Romans with an empire that is falling apart. Rome spent its money on wars. It slowly fell apart. All that is left are a few marble colums of this once great empire. The romans spent their hard earned gold buying silk from China. Eventually the gold was gone and so was the empire.

Take a look at how we sent our high paying high tech jobs to India and China. How we slowly tore down our industry and factories to help a few execs fatten their wallets.

All this talk of globalism is bunk. It is an attempt to destroy the US and sell out our future for a few pieces of silver.

Think of why students in college do not study computer programming like before. The answer is easy. Why hire an american programmer for $30,000/year when you can get an Indian with a PhD for only $3000.


Well, our execs have offshored and outsourced our future. They sent the jobs across the ocean to places where people make 50 cents an hour; so now we can understand globalism.

These execs have displayed their true colors sending american jobs to Red China.

Get used to low wages for workers. No wonder they hate the union so much. These parasites want you to work while they play golf.

It is now that you can understand why they worked so hard to create the internet. They wanted to source out the work to India. All this effort to dig cables and make computers cheap was so that they could send the white collar work overseas.

This was their intent all along. To drain america of jobs in the high paying high tech industry by sending them to India.

For years the evil execs , is there any other knid, plotted and planned how they could strip america bare.

Constantly downsizing and outsourcing our jobs to places like Red China an enemy of the United States who is building up its military.

Every plastic piece of garbage you buy at HELLMART helps buy bullets for Red China.

We are fools if we believe that our politicians will save us. Those clowns are bought and paid for by the execs.

It is the evil execs who planted the tree and now we taste its bitter fruit. Yes, we were lied to by the politicians, but now we know the truth.

Take a look at the romans and how their mighty empire fell, because we are making the same mistakes.

Before you worry about high taxes, remember the real problem is that we no longer have industry and jobs. The government is desperate for money, but they should have seen it coming.

No Industry = No Jobs.


Our future can be changed, but only if we work at it.

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