Future Films

We see that broadcast television and movie cinema are moving to the internet as a mode of distribution. The analog film camera was replaced by a digital camera.

Future of film

Audio of Future

John Titor predicted that we would see a death of the tube TV by LCD TV. He talked about how we would live in the future. Youtube is an example of TV over IP. You can see the future is already here.

Yes, the future will be an exciting time. The days that lie ahead have much promise, but also much worry. Analog film has gone digital, and the future is now. We can see what is taking place all around us. Broadcast television will be replaced by the internet.

In fact, we see this process taking place right in front of us. Few people use film now that we have gone digital. The analog video tape has been replaced by the digital DVD.

These events where seen using a Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR built by Steven Gibbs.


We can see the future of film on youtube every day. People create their own videos with an ease that seems stunning just a few years ago. So we see future films as being digital. Instead of cinema with movie film we will have digital downloads.

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