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Corporate executives did not realize that we would soon see a recession and the collapse of the economy. Many thought that nothing would happen, and as a result the government was forced to bail out the banks. Many office jobs in high office towers will soon be sent overseas - to low wage low tech third world countries where the taxes are cheap and regulations lax.

Well, take the long view. What will things look like when all our banks are gone, our factories, our insurance companies? It seems that the financial health of the nation is in play.

Before america was once a great industrial power, but now we slowly tear down our factory and send our top paying jobs to Red China. Gone is the industrial heartland, gone is the factory floor. All we have now are service jobs like flipping burgers. The high tech future of tomorrow has been mortgaged away on the pipe dream of globalism. Rust belt cities lie in ruins as the people move away in a desperate search for jobs that no longer exist.

Like a sad lament we can remember that rome was once a great empire that allowed itself to fall. It did not fight the decay but rather made it worse by having high taxes and endless wars.

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I see americans as a new rome with a glorious empire that is in decline. Much like america, rome spent its treasure on needless battles. This drained the vitality from the once mighty roman empire, and soon we can view the ancient ruins of our once great empire. Well, much like now the romans spent hard earn money buying spice & silk from China and eventually the silver and gold was gone and so was the empire.

This is sad but true so we can now imagine why university students no longer study information technology like they did before, as always our answer is easy. Why hire an american programmer for $30,000/year when you can get one from china with a PhD for only $3000. I predict that several financial firms will soon relo their HQ out of our americazone.

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The american trade deficit soars every year as more products come from Red China. Instead of building a factory here the execs tear it down and build a brand new one in the orient. All the fuel to transport plastic garbage across the ocean and we could have prevented it, but no we are told that globalism is the answer. Well politicians have displayed their true colors by allowing american jobs to be shipped to Red China.

How much longer can a one nation endure the deindustrialization that we have now?

Get used to low wages for workers. No wonder they hate the union so much. These parasites want you to work while they play golf.

It is now that you can understand why they worked so hard to create the internet. They wanted to source out the work to India. All this effort to dig cables and make computers cheap was so that they could send the white collar work overseas.

This was their intent all along. To drain america of jobs in the high paying high tech industry by sending them to India.

For years the evil execs , is there any other knid, plotted and planned how they could strip america bare.

Constantly downsizing and outsourcing our jobs to places like Red China an enemy of the United States who is building up its military.

Every plastic piece of garbage you buy at HELLMART helps buy bullets for Red China.

We are fools if we believe that our politicians will save us. Those clowns are bought and paid for by the execs. Before you worry about high taxes, remember the real problem is that we no longer have industry and jobs. The government is desperate for money, but they should have seen it coming. Without jobs there is no money for the government so they are foced to raise taxes again and again. Without money the banks fail and property values go down.

Do not believe the hype. The problem is that we have no industry therefore we have no jobs. This is our problem, one that our politicians should fix rather than invasion of other countries that solves nothing.

It is the evil execs who planted the tree and now we taste its bitter fruit. Yes, we were lied to by the politicians, but now we know the truth.

Take a look at the romans and how their mighty empire fell, because we are making the same mistakes.

No Industry = No Jobs.


Our future we can save, but only with hard work.

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