Future Series

Future of Our Galaxy

Look thru the telescope and see millions of stars. The sky is a velvet black with a tinge of royal purple. It seems the universe goes on forever, but what if it is all an illusion.

As real as the objects in a video game which seem real enough until you start to look at them deeply. God says that he created the moon and sun and stars only a few thousand years ago, and that in a few thousand more it will be consumed in fire, but scientists tell us that our universe is billions of years old and will go on for billions more.

We see two very different futures for our galaxy. Two very different visions of reality.

Who is right?

Imagine that you are a knight inside a video game. In front of you is a large castle. You calculate how long the peasants needed to mine rock in the tiny quarry and then arrive at the conclusion that the castle must be millions of years old.

Needless to say, the castle is not real, the village is not real, even the knight is not real. It is all a world of illusion. And yet to the knight it seems real.

According to Steven Gibbs what we see is like a popeye cartoon. It lacks a lot, but we do not know any better that is until we see what it is supposed to be like.

This is a simulation of what is real. In the baseline, the sky is a rich deep blue color, not the pale washed out watercolor that we see. The sun is a deep golden yellow and you can look at it without hurting your eyes. Grass is a vivid bright green with a healthy sheen, not the pale yellowish brown we see here.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


We can not help but wonder what vistas we will see in other dimensions. Our world is like a old faded photograph that lacks the richness of the real.

So the future of our galaxy is to be unplugged.

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