Future Law

What is the future of our legal system? Will it survive the war?

Laws based on the Bible

Our laws are based on the Bible. The Ten Commandments is the foundation of our laws. The idea is that you follow certain rules or you get punished. Our laws are not based on Roman law.

After WWIII there are no more governments or legislative bodies. In fact, few people live in cities. Most people live in small "one horse" towns without any institutions. There are no schools, hospitals, or jails.

It is like the wild west, but without the sheriff. There is no law.

Our system of courts with judges is gone. People must defend themselves and take matters into their own hands. There are no laws to protect you. Only the strong survive.

We that survive the war live in a new world that is quite different than the old. Gone is running water, power lines, and our infrastructure. In fact, it is so different that it is doubtful that most softies that are alive now in our prewar society could survive in this hard new world.

There is a transition from the termite model with kings, queens, soldiers, and workers, to a grasshopper model where there are no rulers. It is every man for himself.

Without a central "hive" or city the people live in rural areas and most work is oriented toward generating food or items to trade for food.

Things that do not contribute to survival were not seen. I did not see any doctors or lawyers. There are no laws. Or any desire to create them.

This is what I saw using the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


I predict that major increases in the cost of petroleum products will drive inflation.

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