Future Series

Future of Mars

Do you ever wonder what will happen when we begin to explore other planets? Science fiction is replete with stories about humans colonizing the Martian surface. When we look up high in the sky and seen that small red ball, we know that there are other worlds to explore.

Martian landscape with astronaut

Terraforming the Martian surface will require technology far beyond what we currently have. We can laugh at the vision of astronauts going to Mars in shiny silver spaceships. It might seem impossible, and yet in the future, people will live on Mars.

It is a much older than planet earth, much colder, with a dim faraway sun. The red sands of the planet Mars are RUST (iron oxide). These speak of a time when there was a lot more oxygen in the atmosphere, giant oceans where now is only vast desert, and a deep blue sky filled with clouds, that is now pink we think.

Mars beckons to us. It currently contains all that is necessary to establish Martian Colonies. We will in the future colonize Mars, and setup human habitation on the red planet.

It will be an exciting future, and if you want to see it, all you have to do is astral time travel to the future. I've seen it - people living on the red planet, the ruddy valleys turned green with vegetation, the thin air made breathable. It will be a most excellent future, but first we must endure a time of troubles and learn that war is not the way.

For in the future, all our swords shall be turned into plowshares, all our spears into pruning hooks, and we will all live in peace.

This is what I viewed making use of the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


We can help colonize that new world - the world of the future.

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