Future Money

Ever wonder what kind of coins we will use in the future?

In a jump to 2026, I saw people paid with gold one ounce coins. These metal disks were similar to a Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin. Instead of a country it said "one ounce pure gold .999 fine.

Future money Future money consists of cold cash made of metal. I did not see any silver or copper. Some of the gold coins were wafer thin, but most were ouncers. For some reason people used gold as a medium of exchange in the future.


SIlver and gold have been used as a medium of exchange for thousands of years. Perhaps that explains why they are used in the future. This is was I saw using astral time travel. Steven Gibbs makes the HDR which I use for astral time travel.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


Each gold coin was different, but many were quite small and some coins were wafer thin. These were in many cases prewar coins.

It appears that after the war (2015) we still use coins as a medium of exchange. People trade a lot of items in the future, but cold cash is still used in the form of gold coins and prewar houses are real cheap, maybe five ounces of gold for a mansion, a prewar car (hummer) for an ounce gold coin, but fuel is an outrage, about 1/10 oz / gallon. So it will cost you about $70/gal if you can get it.
gold coin

As John Titor said back in 2000, "Get a bicycle."

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