Future of the Night

The future of night is quite interesting. I often thought it would be blazing neon lights, but the night is not light it is dark.

I used to ponder my nocturnal notions of the future. How would people deal with the lack of light? Instead of harsh bulbs they will develop the ability to exist using starlight. There is plenty of light in the night. Think of a full moon shining on frsh fallen snow. You can see clearly without the hard harsh light of day.

And yet I wonder, will it ever be quiet and peaceful again. Where people gaze at the sky and see stars instead of billboards? Yes it can and will be peaceful in the night, as well it should be.

Ban the bulb. Let the night rule without the intrusion of excess light. We need the night to rest and refresh ourselves.

In the future people will learn to live without the carnival of flashing neon lights that dominate the now.

This is what I saw using the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)

lt will be more peaceful and relaxed in the far future that awaits humanity.

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