Future of Oil Rigs
The long sunset of petroleum


Old oil rigs will be seen as a sign of nostalgia in the future much like we view the steam engines today. People will remember the age of carbon as a time of soot and smog.

Wind power is the future because it is one of the most green forms of power. Yes my friends, look to the wind to power boats in the future as it did in the past. We sail into the new technology of tomorrow.

But at one time things were very different. Black gold they call this precious blood of mother earth. Each year billions of barrels were extracted from the earth and turned into fuel.

Crude turned into diesel fuel to power our ships, trucks, and trains. The energy inside this precious fluid did power our industrial machinery. From wellhead to supertanker to refinery so it went.

Offshore oilrigs stand as modern marvels of technological achievement, but soon no more as petroleum is running out. The pipeline is running dry. We face a very sad future if we do not move quickly to other fuels as all our machinery will grind to a halt without oil.

What do we do when the wind fails us? Well, we can use a combination of factors, such as water power, solar, biomass, and tidal to supplement the wind.

Most farmers in rural areas before the 1930's relied on windmills for electricity. It was a great time to generate electricity then and will be again in the future.

Also such exotic forms of alternate energy as geothermal and tidal will be used. In fact, drilling technology from oil will make geothermal possible. The core heat of our mother earth will warm her sons and daughters.

We should preserve as much of  our environment as we can. It is important that we spend the money now to convert over to non carbon forms of power.

It is important that we start moving away from fossil fuels now. The conversion process will take time and effort as we retool our industry to operate in a post carbon future.

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