Future President

Who is president in 2009? Well, people wonder in 2005 if Kerry will run again, or if Gore will try again. Also some talk about Wesley Clark. Yet, I say the contest will be between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Target Republicans rightwingers will try to target Hillary as a gun grabbing tree hugging liberal that likes to burn flags and hates America, but it will not wash. The public is tired of military adventures from flag waving right wing chicken-hawks.


Also that the Republican opponent to Hillary will be John McCain. Hillary will beat McCain, focus on bringing troops home and making health care affordable.

These events where seen using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR

I make these predictions in Jan 2005 neither McCain nor Hillary have announced that they will be running and the debunkers said that Hillary cannot win.

Now, for some reason I say Obama will fail. Now I know the reason,  he describes himself as an addict. Also his name 'Obama' is strange and bears an uncanny resemblance to 'Osama'.

His middle name Hussein does not help things, it reminds people that Barack had a Muslim father and is an outsider, also it sounds like another friend of the US Sadam Hussein. Hillary is more 'home grown' and she has a lot more charm. Being a Republican I am seriously considering voting for her. McCain is a good guy, but he is 100% wrong about the war.

I predict that the war will get a lot worse helping Hillary become the first woman president of the US.

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