Future Price Dow

The future price of Dow is related to how people will invest in days to come. Many baby boomers are reaching retirement. They will cash out their stock portfolio causing a dramatic drop in the Dow. Using remote viewing we can map this process.

Well, our forecast calls for heavy rains with thunderstorms. Things will look gloomy for the market in general and they will become only more and more dark as the days go by, and is this necessary, only time will tell, we see that inflation will eat into earnings as well as a decrease disposable income of retirement age people.

Many pensions invest in Dow components and some have lost nearly all their value. The future direction for the price of the Dow is DOWn.

This remote viewing of the Dow (DJIA) done by CarlosX and is his view of what the future has in store for us.

This remote viewing did not use the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR


Therefore in view of this information we predict that major increases in the cost of petroleum products will drive inflation upward. People will see a dramatic drop in the Down Jones Industrial Average. As more and more people run for the exit door, many will get trampled.

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