Future Series

Future of Racism

In the future, there is no wrong color, there is no wrong race, all people are brothers and sisters, part of the same family. All are as sweet as candy in a box.

We now live in a worId of rich against poor, old against young, white against black. And yet, in the days to come we are all together like one flock. We exist without countries and clans, but as one family.

There is much love in the future and little hate. The negative nasty world of today consumes itself in war and suffering, but that of tomorrow is quite different.

People are so sweet you could get a toothache. Gone is the harsh judgemental mentality of now as people learn to accept others.

Many people have a hidden racial bias, that causes them to hate others. They deny it. In fact, those who admit to not liking others are often better than the closed minded haters who pretend to be open, but are not.

The face of hate often appears to be quite pretty, but it slowly and steadily changes you into a hater. Throw away the hate, fill your heart with love instead. Religion often is combined with racism to generate hate.

According to Steven Gibbs people in the future get along with each other and things are better. We do however go thru a time of troubles. This period of peril is the worst in human history. It is so bad that the human race almost ends.

China has problems in Tibets so the problems is more than just black and white. All Children of God must work together to create a better world.


This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


We can help create that new world - the world of the future.

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