Future of Scooters

Many years in the past there were big SUV trucks rolling down the street. They used up a lot of fuel, but people did not care because gas was cheap.

Gasoline is expensive Even as late at Jan 2007, gasoline was under $2/gal. However, by midsummer of 2007 it shoot up above $3.40/gallon where I live. In some places gasoline sold for over $4/gal and people began to worry,
A few fearless students started riding scooters for the fun of it. They noticed that they got 150 miles per gallon, also there was no expensive automobile insurance to buy. In fact, scooters less than 50cc did not need a tag, Scooter get 150mpg

However, the econut environmentalists said that mopeds and scooters were bad because they were noisy and gave out pollution. They even hated the battery powered electric scooters because they said that the electricity can from coal fired power plants.

Pay at the pump for high fuel prices     So the big old SUV kept going down the street getting 8 miles per gallon or even LESS! this can cause the price of oil to keep moving up. The people complained, but the eco types were happy.

Some commuters tried to get bicycles a fuel less solution to transportation, but the ecos said that riding bikes was slow and dangerous and called the riders "organ donors".

When public transportation was suggested as a way to get to work, the ecos started their "Buses STINKKK!" campaign to make people aware of the foul odor of the metrobus.

The ecos would complain, but never find solutions to the problem of high price of fuel.

When people suggested using corn for ethanol and soy for biodiesel the ecos claimed it would drive up food prices and cause little children to starve across the world. When somebody said that solution was electric scooters with solar panels the econitwits said that more electricity was used to create the solar cells than would ever be produced over the lifetime of the solar panel so it was a net loss.

Seeing the situation getting worse and worse many people joined the students and got scooters. For only $300 you can get a used scooter that goes 40mph and gets 150mpg. This is much better than paying $7,000.00 for a used Chevy Aveo that gets 30mpg.

Now scooters are swelling like hot cakes. I bought one and am very happy. I can get to town and back for less than a dollars worth of gasoline. In fact, fuel cost using a small scoot is two pennies a mile instead of twenty cents a mile using a regular car.

scooters are a great way to save money

I can tell you that in the future, people will use scooters, motorcycles, and mopeds a lot more than we do now because fuel prices are a lot higher. In Europe the Vespa is very popular as a scooter. Also the tiny smart car is popular which gets about 40mpg. The problem is that a smart car costs about $15,000 whereas a scooter brand new is less than $900.

How SMART is that? I had a smart car in Europe and liked it. Yes, it is small, but you get used to it. A scooter is more like what you will see in the future. Time will be when cars are seen a old fashioned.

We look forward to a new world where the people do not have high fuel bills.

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