Future Stock Picks

CNN money recommends Dell, Anally, and Altria. Well, I do not.

Altria is the company infamous for cigarettes such as Malboro man cowboy. Did he die of cancer? Mal means evil, and boro means city. Interesting name for a cancer stick - evil city. Put your money on Altria and it could go up in smoke with the next law suit.

Anally has gone from success to suxass. Bad pick!

Dell, dude your profits are going to hell.


Things are going to get real bad real fast so go for the gold.

This is what I did see using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR built by Steven Gibbs.


Although financial investors might question the methods such as astral time travel that I use the results speak for themselves. Take a look at my predictions for the future. Most have come true. Those that have not come are few and far between.

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