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Future of Television

In the fifties people would come around from several blocks to watch the TV at my Grandmother's place. Her grandfather was ill so her parents bought him a TV to keep him happy. She was the second person in town to have a television set. It was a black and white box full of vacuum tubes. Before he died my grandfather told her that one day all people would have a TV, also robots in the home.

He did not live to see that day, but she might. John Titor said that in the future 2036, television would be over the Internet. This prediction was made in 2000 that is before youtube and the content creation revolution. John Titor predicted that people would create their own content, and post it on the Internet. In fact, this is happening right now not just with youtube, but with many sites where you can post videos for free. This segment of the Internet is growing by leaps and bounds. Who could have imagined it just a few years ago.

Back in the 90's many web hosting companies did not allow you to put videos and MP3 audio on your web site because it slowed down the servers. Even photo galleries and chat programs were banned. They would shut down anyone who had AVI, WMV, or MOV files on the system. Well, back in the 90's I predicted that people would use their computers to edit their videos. The response from a debunker was "and everybody is going to have a $25,000 broadcast quality camera and a $10,000 computer with a giant hard drive to store the video, yeah right….."

Well, last year I bought a computer brand new that was full loaded with a huge hard drive on sale for only $299. The digital video camera I got on Ebay was only $50 and it was almost new. The software to edit videos was downloaded for free off the web.

And where are all those debunkers now? Where are the ones that said that TV over IP was impossible? Because copper lines can't take that kind of bandwidth. Or I remember one saying "Yeah, and everybody will pay $1000/month to have their very own fiber optic cable T1 line" Back in 2000 I was paying $200/month for high speed DSL, I think DSL lite was $74.95, then in 2005 the price for full blown was cut down to $29.95, with DSL lite being $14.95, and now the phone company just called me. Their latest plan is just $10/month for DSL - not the DSL lite, but the full blown variety. I see a lot of video in the future over the internet. Video will dominate as more and more people get broadband connections.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


Well, we now know that it is possible to send massive amounts of information over a copper wire. The phone company does not have to dig up people's yards to replace copper wire with fiber optic cable. Most people are DSL capable right now. The future of Television streamed over the internet - TV over IP - is bright.
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