Keystone Predictions

What are keystone predictions? Well they are a forecast where certain events are certain. For example, I claim that a particular person will get a job, then move into a new house, and eventually marry the girl across the street... The keystone is the new job, if that event does not come true, there is little chance the  others will follow.

clock tower in keystone prediction

I know many who do not understand why keystone predictions are so important. Well, because when I foretell that unemployment will rise. It means people losing homes, as in more foreclosures and also more crime.

This has an effect on our society. For example as our crime rates rise, more stores will close. This feed the fire. The keystone is first in line and others will follow like clock work.

What we all think we know is often off. Using astral time travel I have an idea of what will soon take place. Please be intelligent and look around you and you too can foretell the future.

OK my view is decidedly dystopian as to our near term future, but the far beyond does seem so wonderful. If only we can get past our common now.


Hopefully, our message will help the many to wake up.

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