Mentality of a Debunker

The mentality of a closed minded person is that when presented with new evidence they will cling to their pet theories, like a frightened child to a security blanket. The more evidence you present, the louder they scream - you're a liar.

Moon hoax a favorie of debunkers

If a debunker believes the moon hoax theory, they will tell you that rockets cannot operate in space because there is no air to push against. Also, that the astronauts would have all died due to radiation in space.

No amount of evidence will change their mind. In fact, if you show them pictures; they claim the shadows on the wrong place and use your evidence to try to debunk you.

Over and over they repeat like a mantra,"If we could go to the moon in 1969, then why can't we go in 2009? I know why, because it was a hoax!"

If a debunker believes the dinohoax theory, and you show them a dinosaur bone; they claimed it is made out of plastic and fake. They tell you that scientists made up the dinosaurs so they could sell tickets to the museum. There never was a T. rex, because no animal can exist bigger than the elephant because their bones would break due to the great weight. That God created the earth 6,000 years ago, so the idea of dinosaurs living millions of years ago is a lie.

If you take them to a rock wall and let them dig out a dinosaur bone so they can see it is not made of plastic and that it is made of solid rock, they become hysterical and start screaming that the Devil put it there to fool true Christians.

Likewise, you cannot convince a debunker that time travel and a photo they claim it was created in photoshop. If you show them headlines before the paper comes out; they claim that you are friends with the editor.

Even when I have given them information about big events before they happen the debunker will first say "You're crazy, that will never happen!" and when the event takes place as predicted they will do a DEBUNKER FLIPFLOP and claim that "It was obvious."

Closed minded people will never admit to you that they made a mistake, instead they will try to lie their way out of the situation. In conclusion, it is a waste of time to try to explain time travel to a debunker.

Due to their limitations, you cannot teach a debunker how to astral time travel any more than you can teach a monkey how to do calculus.


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