What exactly does it mean?

People can ponder for how we got here. Pavilionized is one word to describe what we are. The super structure is gone. What we have now are free standing out buildings that do not have the cohesion of the old edifice.

Few can remember how it once was. The language of now is filled with colorful metaphor, but lacks the elegance of ages. It is now a time when a few senior citizens remember what was proper.

Perhaps people, we can once again ignore. However, I state again, that is seems like yesterday when we were one nation, one people, speaking one language. Pavilionized is our future, I repeat again. For now we are many peoples, speaking many languages, and of many races. Everybody is pulling in a different direction and the cohesion of old is gone. Perhaps this are different on the alternate timeline of John Titor.


True, this be what we all have yet to look on to.

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