Time Space Warp

Close to the ghost town near Modena, Utah is a portal to a parallel universe. In 1972 four college coeds entered a time space warp in Iron county when they entered the slick rock canyon known as Gadianton Canyon inside the Escalante Desert.

This canyon is famous for the Gadianton Robbers that used to hide out there riding phantom horses down the steep rockwall. It is said to be a haunted and mysterious place. There are many stories of paranormal events in this place.

Here is the podcast of Gadianton Canyon Time Space Warp mp3

Utah Escalante Desert

Strange things happen in the Escalante Desert of Utah. Reports of convoys of goods diappearing in the rugged mountain territory. Still the time space warp story is most odd.

Does a strange place known as Gadianton Canyon with a time space warp exist near Modena, Utah? I believe that it does and let us examine our evidence.

Let us compare the real Escalante Desert in Modena Utah to what the girls saw in the other place.

Cactus with sparse ocotillo Ponderosa Pine and corn fields
Dry creek beds Lakes
Four wheel vehicles Strange egg shape three wheel cars
Two headlights in front of car One single light in middle of "car"

It is obvious to me that they went to a very strange place that is quite different from what we have here. People, we live in a mysterious universe. It is stranger than we can imagine. Utah has a ghost town near Modena and many scary sagas.

There are many people who have reported similar encounters to the Gadianton Canyon Time Space Warp. Paranomal researcher Patricia Ress talks about college students finding a time space portal in old Omaha Nebraska that allows people to journey to the 1800's.

Learn about the BEK or Black Eyed Kids.

Still, using astral time travel, from what I have seen of our past it was not like what the girls in Utah describe. They may have gone to an alternate timeline quite different from our own.

And we could look forward to living in that odd world.

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