Time Travel Links

Time Travel Forum HDRKID - a forum about time travel

Steven Gibbs - creator of HDR and books on time machines

Hyper Dimensional Resonator - device created by Steven Gibbs

Hdrkid blog - predicting tomorrow today

Patricia Ress - paranormal researcher and author of books on Steven Gibbs about time travel.

Radionics Machine.- a technoshamanic tool like the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR for short that is used by people as an experimental device.

The 'X' Zone Radio Show

Time Travel Theory Forum - this forum is devoted to understanding time travel

Sonic Resonator - prototype for the HDR

HDR electromagnet - soft iron core with copper wire

Caduceus Coil - used in the hyper dimensional resonator or HDR

Barium Oxide Bar Magnet - used by Steven Gibbs with the HDR


HDRKID time travel forum - talks about Steven Gibbs and the HDR

Astral time travel - an ability to see future events.

John Bajak - inventor of the flux capacitor.

Rick Lipani - uses HDR for OBE time travel.

CarlosX - uses the HDR for physical time travel

Steven Gibbs says that the HDR was derived from the Philadelphia Experiment
where magnetism was used to create time warps.

More time travel links are coming soon!