Steven Gibbs
is the inventor of the Hyper Dimensional Resonator, a radionics machine.
The Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR for short is used by people as an
experimental device.

This device was created based on an earlier device that Steven Gibbs invented,
the Sonic Resonator in 1981. The Hyper Dimensional Resonator was invented in
1985 based on the Sonic Resonator.


The HDR is basically an electromagnet with a caduceus coil.
A bar magnet 4" X 6" is attached to the end of the electromagnet.

Like most radionics machines, the HDR uses a pulsed magnetic field to create its effect.

Steven Gibbs added two potentiometers to the HDR so users can control the strength of the magnetic field.

According to Steven Gibbs the HDR was derived from the Philadelphia Experiment
where magnetism was used to create time warps.

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