Future of Houses
The shape of things to come.

Many of you probably look forward to a dome home made of foam, but in the near future there are few hemispherical structures. Those soap bubble like structures become common later on.

This is because people in the future prefer things that are similar to what they are used to looking at. Actually, future houses look like ultramodern office buildings with a bit of industrial warehouse thrown in.

Also, in the future, Steven Gibbs told me he saw people use crystals for power in future houses. There are no wall outlets and common objects have a smooth rounded look almost as if they were melted. There are no sharp edges in the house.

Think of a bar of soap and you get the idea. It is smooth and seamless. The onjects are made of a cold substance that is no metal, plastic, or glass, but feels similar to all three.

This substance is smooth like a glass window, flexible like a metal wire, and soft like a plastic doll.

In the future things look different than now. Walls are covered with sparkly things which I believe to be a form of LED.

This is what I did view using the Steven Gibbs Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR

I predict that those of us lucky enough to survive shall see many exciting new things in the days to come

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