Future of Metals

Nothing looks like gold that lustful metal. It is the symbol of money and power. People say as good as gold. Down from gold is silver which can also be used for money.

Time is running out for the dollar. It was once the global currency, but as the US gov prints more and more green pieces of paper the value of each one goes down. The massive stimulus program will cause the value of the greenback to fall. I predict that there is little time to move to the metals.

People finally realize that  the dollar death is coming and some say a new currency like the amero will replace the greenback. The idea is that europe has the euro and america has the amero. Future events we can view with astral time travel.

Good as gold they say, and once our mighty dollar was backed by gold. Sadly that is no more. People are told that it is better this way. The problem is that now we can run the printing press hot. Without a real metal we can print out money and it has no real benchmark.

Those people who cannot afford to get gold should stock up on silver. It too shall go up in value as the world goes from economic crisis to financial catastrophe.

Finally, people are starting to wake up. Things will get a lot worse as the dollar death and hyperinflation vaporize people's bank accounts. Actually many bank will fail and the government is forced to print money to cover the losses. Well, as more and more money is printed it becomes worth less, and finally worthless. Try to think about how hyperinflation in Argentina did cause hunger and social unrest.

It is important that we start moving away from dollar denominated assets into euro denominated assets as the euro will be the new global currency. People will buy oil in euros. The drop in the dollar means inflation will take place. Silver too is a hedge against inflation. The flight of capital to the hard coin metals will cause inflation to become even worse.

If we see the future of metals is as a store of value. For example, the future price of gold is much higher than now. Using astral time travel and remote viewing we can see that things in the future are different than now.

Think about how hyperinflation can affect you. Look at weimar germany and how people carried wheelbarrows full of money into stores. This could be our future if we keep printing paper. Money to be real must be backed by gold or other precious metals.

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