Future Price of Gold

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What new heights will the price of gold reach in the days to come? Will price of scrap gold make looking for dental gold a good idea? If we were to time travel to the future what would we see? As we move into uncertain times physical gold, not paper, provides a hold of value that we can rely on.

Few things have held value for centuries. Few investments are as solid as the yellow metal itself. A live gold price chart shows a lot of ups and downs, but a yearly chart show an incredible upward trend. I have seen that in times of trouble gold does well. It is possible to see what what I saw using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR


Although analysts may question my methods the results speak for themselves. Looking at the chart below it is obvious what the future looks like. I bought solid gold when it was cheap and am still buying now. You do not need a time machine to see the steady increase in price. Precious metals have done well these last few years, in fact, they will continue to do so.

Below is a chart of the London Gold Quote.

Price Gold

Chart is from Kitco.com

I predict that as the dollar is devalued gold will surge. The process will instill panic as people seek safe assets. Gold is more secure than green pieces of paper.

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