Future Vehicle

They say that we are reaching peak oil and soon petroleum products and future oil prices will rise. Well, we must try to conserve what resources God gave us. Know that our world is finite.

I see in the future small SPV (Single Passenger Vehicles) that get over 300 mpg and are very cost effective. Small and fuel efficient, the SPV fits between a microcar and a scooter.

SPV Single passenger vehicle

Many of these SPV battery based electric cars will compete with scooters for the streets of the future. The road ahead is small zero emission vehicles. Electric powered future scooters wil allow people to travel for only a penny a mile.

It will be common on warm summer days to see scooters and on cold winter nights SPVs. The Tata Nano that sells for $2500 and gets 54mpg is a step in the right direction.

Gasoline pump -future fuel?

As gasoline prices continue their rise it will be common to see more and more small cars on the highways. The large SUV is a dinosaur that guzzles fossil fuel. In its place are small electric microcars.

Many citizens of the future will be see 50's automobiles and wonder how people could afford them. They will look at the 90's SUV as amazing, much like we now look at Trex and wonder how such large monsters could exist.

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