Future Price Silver

OK, so why is our price of silver going to go down I asked. The debunker exclaimed that it was because we were switching away from film and going to digital cameras. Without the need for film, silver would drop in price.

OK, some say why silver when gold is so much better, but I say that gold is very expensive. Although rich have no problem getting gold, a poor person might not have enough money. Silver is often called poor man's gold and you can get a silver mercury dime for less than a dollar. In contrast, a gold one ounce coin is over $1000.00 and rising.  

In 1964 the US moved away from silver coins that were 90% silver and 10% copper to coins that were mostly nickel/copper alloy. The demand for silver did continue to go up.

Future Price of Silver Bars is going up

Well, I saw in the future that silver was very expensive. It has gone from $5/oz in 2001 to over $15/oz now. Still, the gallon of gasoline which was $1 in 2001 is now over $3. In fact, it will soon go over $4/gal for gas. So silver is barely keeping up.

It is much better than a 5% CD that sits in a shaky bank that could go under any minute. Silver is a store of value and it will go up. This I saw using the Hyper Dimensional Resonator or HDR.


I predict that as our dollar drops, silver will surge.

Silver bars are better than small green pieces of paper.

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