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Future of Propane Gas

Out in the countryside, farmers went from using coal stoves in the 1800's, oil heaters in the 1920's to propane furnaces in the 70's, but what is the future of propane?

The cost of propane has gone over $2/gal and it keeps climbing. In fact, it is now more expensive to heat with propane than with coal, oil, or even electricity.

propane tank - not seen in the future
Propane can be used in gas ranges, water heaters, and even gas lights. It has an image as a clean burning fuel, unlike dirty coal. One tank load of propane can last a farmer all winter.

Still, I often felt that propane gas could be replaced by hydrogen gas in the future. When you burn hydrogen the waste product is water, but I did not see a propane tank or even a hydrogen tank in the future.

It appears that the children of the future use strange zero point energy devices according to Steven Gibbs. Future devices use crystals to generate energy. They do not burn a fuel or even rely on solar power. No sign of wind mill in the future either.

This is what I viewed with the HDR or (Hyper Dimensional Resonator)


We can not help but wonder what tomorrow will bring, but it appears that fuel based transportation will end. In the future new forms of energy will replace the old.

Propane tank not suited for hydrogen gas
People wonder about future fuels such as hydrogen. We could put hydrogen in a propane tank, but because the hydrogen molecule is so small, much of it would leak out of the propane tank. Also, propane heaters would need to be adapted to burn hydrogen.

Adapting filling stations to use hydrogen gas is an even greater task because they currently serve gasoline and diesel fuel, not propane gas. I see shortages of carbon based fuel in the future.

As time traveller John Titor said back in 2000, "Get a bicycle."

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old propane gas tank rusts