Future Toy

Future toy doll
Ever wonder what fun toys the future children will play with? The toys of the near future are simple dolls made of of rags and old socks. Some were carved from blocks of wood or cobbled together from bits of scrap metal, but in the far future there be this ball that floats and glows with swirling colors. A truly futuristic toy created in the far tomorrow.

The toys of the far future are most puzzling. As if the children themselves of those distant days are different than now - somehow skinny less active and more lethargic. The future will be most odd. A peculiar place with rules all its own.

A few years ago, when I told people that there would be few little ones in the future they did not understand, but now will the climate changes and the epidemics some people finally realize what is coming.

Few understand how hard the road ahead will be. Children are our future, and yet in the future there are so few. Due to radiation women have difficulty giving birth.

Many are sterile and those that go and get pregnant often lose their little ones in a miscarry. Sad, but people in the future value life much more than now. They lived thru the time of troubles when it seemed that all life might end.

Future Children face the road adead without toys.

Expect a lot of empty houses in the future. And saddest of all - empty playgrounds.

I predict that we will remember now as the happy times.

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