Future methods of Transportation

Many people look at Sci-Fi for ideas, but I look at new tech all around me.

This device was created with a big splash but few used it. The Segway was invented in to make urban travel pleasant and fun.


The Segway is basically like a scooter, but it helps people move through a big store without getting tired.
See Segway Video, this will allow shopping areas and stores to be bigger in our soon future.

Personally, I think of a future electric bicycle as the transportation system of tomorrow because it is efficient and low cost. Right now, the cost of fuel is low compared to what it will be in the future. With an ebike you can commute for less that a penny a mile.

Most people think of teleporters when they talk about transportation in the future. A few discuss maglev trains.

Here are other experiments having to do with alt energy. I hope to find more alternative methods of future transportation to show.

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