Predictions Made by John Titor

There are many events that John Titor claimed would happen in the future. Although not all his predictions have come true, most have.

For example lets have a list of some of John Titor's Predictions

Tube TV replaced LCD TV Came True
Film cameras replaced by digital Came True
Wireless Internet Came True
Cern Large Hadron Collider Came True
China annexes Taiwan, Korea, and Japan Not yet
Solar Cells become a big deal Not yet
Shortages of Bicycle Tires Not yet
Civil war in 2004 Did not come true
Mad Cow Epidemic Did not come true

He stayed away from reporting the super bowl winner ahead of schedule, making stock picks, or forecasting future gold prices.


A few years ago, many of his predictions appeared foolish, like the wireless internet, but now it seems that he had an uncanny accuracy in seeing future events. All laptops have WiFi now, but in 2000 they did not. John Titor's abilities were far greater than those of self proclaimed "futurists".

Wireless Internet USB Card

Typically we cannot see the future very well. Think of the city of the future in 1950's. It was full of sleek long flying cars and robots, but no internet or cell phones.

Expect the future to be a strange place - nothing like what we have now.

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