Future Government

The road ahead is filled with pot holes as we go forth. No kings in the days that follow or other rulers, but we see a world where people chart their own course.

Many see a future ecotopia with Electric powered little scooters that allow people to travel using solar electricity. Others see a devastated wasteland where corporate greed was allowed to rein.

The move toward small self sufficient communities is a step in the right direction. Life in the days that follow will be hard as more people are forced to share the scarce resources of our small limited planet earth. As fuel becomes more expensive, future schools will be over the internet.

Shortages of food and fuel will become common as we deplete our natural resources. People will starve and the government will ration food as well as create bread lines.

As gasoline prices continue their rise government will ration fuel and people will be forced to use less. The bicycle will have a come back, but eventually wars over resources will devaste the planet.

People will blame their rulers and just like we do not have kings anymore, the governments of the world will be disbanded and in their place a new society that is self led and smaller will exist.

Many citizens of the future will look at our world the way we look at ancient Rome and they will wonder what it was like to live in our time, but most will prefer their freedom and not wish for a return to the world we have today.

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