Future Politicians

What if I told you that in the future there are no governments. Not the near term future to be sure, but that far futurity when people are as sentient enlightened beings, not angry animals. Would you believe me? It seems too good to be true, but we finally broke free from being serfs on a manor and giving all our gold to some king.

Today we see that many politicians are crooks. They steal our money and give us promises of a better world. If we dare complain they will use the power of a secret police to silence us.

Make sure that you are no fooled by their empty words. They are not your friends. Taxes keep going up and their promises are seldom kept. It is like the money goes into a black hole or a future  politicians pocket.

Future politician getting money

Few items have been a store value for thousand of years like the yellow metal, and yet in the 1930's the US gov confiscated people's gold and made it illegal to own. How many people called congress and said "Please confiscate all my gold!" and give me worthless paper. I know an old man who was young back then. He said that people would either turn it over or go to jail. I have seen evidence using astral travel that there will be a period of peril in the near future where solid physical gold coins go up in value. Government officials can claim everything is OK, but the truth is things are far worse than you are led to believe. You can be sure that I will post more information that I obtain when using an HDR or Hyper Dimensional Resonator .


Precious metals like gold and silver are good to have in a turbulent time of trouble. Get ready to make some quick decisions as to your future. It will be that things are going to get worse.

Below is a chart of the London Gold Quote.

Price Gold

Chart is from Kitco.com

I predict that our dollar will be destroyed by the politicians. They took us off the gold standard and devalued our money. I find that to be a form of theft of the people's money.

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